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Dear Pennsylvania Financial Service Center Operators,

As you are well aware of, the Pennsylvania Chapter of INFiN has not been active for many years. With the changing landscape of the industry and the need to keep abreast of compliance issues as well as a host of other challenges that now face all of us, it was clearly imperative that a new chapter be opened and actively supported.

Our complete focus is mobilizing the collective experience and knowledge that we have as a group and use this as a way to leverage it to help all of us here in the State of Pennsylvania. Formed in January of this year and continuing with the creation of this website, it is our hope to re-engage the entire group of those of us involved in this great industry.

As we progress together, it is our hope to have a general meeting initially to offer an orientation of what we hope to accomplish together and set priorities based on your feedback. Working with our Board of Directors, we look forward to working with all of you and creating a strong association that will provide all of us a depository of information, a place to go for help, and an organization that can keep us relevant with the governmental authorities within the compliance issues in our state.

Be well and we look forward to talking with all of you soon.

Paul W. Eckert
Chairman & President

Pennsylvania Financial Service Centers

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